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Dallas Restaurant Week; The Eater Houston (Reader) 38

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Wolfgang Puck's Five Sixty, Dallas.
Wolfgang Puck's Five Sixty, Dallas.
Photo: Five Sixty/Official

DALLAS —Eater tries to understand the appeal of mediocre barbecue in Michigan, continues stalking Observer critic, Scott Reitz and guides you through Dallas Restaurant Week. [EDFW]

HOUSTON —Eater learns that a tweet can get you kicked out of a restaurant, sees rationality return to the situation and then finds that it doesn't stay around very long. On the other hand, Eater Houston readers are creating their own "38" lists in anticipation of Houston's inaugural Eater 38.

STATEWIDE —Drought, drought, and more drought is resulting in record agricultural losses and rising food costs. Also, there's a guy in Fort Worth with Austin food truck envy who's opening a trailer park there. [NYT, WSJ, YNN, KVUE]