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Windsor Park Residents Protest El Taco Grande TABC Permit

The Zilker Neighborhood Association isn't the only group in town fighting to keep bars (and their drunk patrons) at bay: the Statesman today reports the woes of Windsor Park residents, who have been trying to keep a shop in a Cameron Road strip mall booze-free for awhile now.

They have had some success: the last restaurant at the location, Los Barrileros Grill and Bar, was shuttered in March. Now neighbors have "formally protested" the TABC to prevent a new restaurant, El Taco Grande, from receiving a liquor license. The location backs up into residential properties and various businesses there have long irritated the neighbors; the Statesman has a history.

· New Permit For Alcohol Sought at Northeast Austin Site of Closed Bar [Statesman]
[Photo: Google Maps]

El Taco Grande

6305 Cameron Rd Austin, TX 78723