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Sputnik, Traditional Burgers From the Good Knight Team

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Photo: The Good Knight / Facebook

Here comes Sputnik, bringing commie burgers to Sixth Street in the old Good Knight building. Last week, former Good Knight chef Brandon Stratton posted on his Tumblr that he was at Sputnik, "Getting the kitchen in order. Opening in a few weeks." Stratton had mentioned a new project in the works when the Good Knight shuttered in June.

Stratton tells Eater that Sputnik will be "a traditional burger and hot dog joint with beer and drinks." (So probably the hamburgers are not actually socialist.) Also, he's still working on the perfect meat combination for their in-house ground beef, but never fear: he promises "a smile of flavor euphoria on every customers face." Here's more:

Sputnik is going to be a traditional burger and hot dog joint with beer and drinks. We are gonna start traditional with a choice of Chili, Bacon, Cheese, and jalapenos as options to add to your burger or dog. We might do some fried chicken later down the line and specialty burgers will be coming soon as well.

We will be grinding our own burgers. I'm still working on the perfect meat combo for the grind. We are gonna be testing various buns this week to determine what style of bun will compliment our patty the most. Our buns will be made locally and our emphasis on ingredients from Texas will be priority. It's important to me that the flavor of the meat and bun both compliment each other and leave a smile of flavor euphoria on every customers face. My focus will be creating flavors that blow your mind but are very simple in nature.

· rawknrollchef13 [Tumblr]
· Chef Brandon Stratton on the Good Knight Shuttering [-EATX-]


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