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Shit People Steal in Dallas; Houston Vents About Top Chef

Photo: Courtesy of Smoke

DALLAS — Eater Dallas interviews the snobbiest food snob in town: a charmer whose wife challenged him to eat three meals a day for less than $12.50 per meal, and warns diners at the Smoke barbecue restaurant to quit stealing their adorable tableware, lest they inadvertently brand themselves. [-EDFW-]

HOUSTON — Eater Houston lets Houstonites have their say against Top Chef, which decided the city wasn't Texas enough for the chef show, and has the mugshot of one Tashica Harris, who punched an old lady in the face after the woman told her to quit complaining about the food and service at Mama Juanita's. [-EHTX-]

STATEWIDE — It's official: Top Chef Texas is real. Also, an East Texas man has been sentenced to four years in prison for scamming credit card numbers from a Chicken Express, while the town of Big Spring is set to start recycling toilet water because the drought has put them in such dire straits. [Star-Telegram,, -E-]