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A Brief Journey Into the Food Writing of Matthew Odam

Yesterday the Twittersphere blew up with the information that Statesman features writer Matt Odam had been named the next restaurant critic for the newspaper. So what does Odam bring to the table?

For starters, he's been writing about the Austin food scene (in addition to several other topics, including movies and music) for some time now. He writes things like "Making my way down the great stairs and through the ground level of the hotel felt like a Scorsese tracking shot." He doesn't appear afraid to play a little rough in the kiddie pool that is Austin (see the time he called out Lance Armstrong for losing it at a bar) and has a "love-hate relationship with breakfast tacos."

Below, a collection of Odam's previous Austin food writing to get yourself acquainted with his work if you're not already. Did we miss any pieces of note? Let us know.

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Matthew Odam. [Photo: thatotherpaper / Flickr]