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Moontower Saloon, a South Austin Food Cart Haven

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Moontower Saloon Renderings. [Photo: T. John Davis]

Designer T. John Davis sends along his concept renderings for a new South Austin spot called Moontower Saloon, a 3-acre project that contains space for a bar (which will occupy a renovated mid-century house) as well as areas for food trucks on their wooded lot.

Writes Davis: "The current concept seeks to address several of the problems peculiar to the trailer food trade," such as permanent bathrooms, access to booze, and the like. They're also going to build an on-site commissary kitchen, which will surely make it appealing to vendors as well. No opening date as yet, but the owners are looking for input from trailer operators.

· Moontower Saloon Trailer Dining Concept [T. John Davis]
· Moontower Saloon [Official Site]

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