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Father's Day at Mandola's; Get Famous at Love Balls

THE TRIANGLE — For the beer-lovin' dad: All dads who eat at Mandola's on Father's Day get a free koozie. Choices include "Keep Austin Guido" and "Who Could Say Gnocchi to a Face Like This?" [@mandolas_market]

MUELLER — Someone's been stealing the fancy hand soap from the ladies' room at Contigo. They'd like to remind you to stay away from black market hand soap. [Contigo]

— A movie is shooting at Love Balls Bus tonight, and if you stop by you might get to be an extra. As they put it, "get fed and famous!" [Love Balls Bus / Facebook]

Mandola's. [Photo: pyxopotamus / Flickr]


2027 Anchor Lane, , TX 78723 (512) 614-2260 Visit Website

Mandola's [Triangle]

4700 W Guadalupe Street Suite 12, Austin, TX 78751 512 419 9700 Visit Website


4700 West Guadalupe St # 12 Austin, TX 78751-3778