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Bon Appetit Declares Franklin the Best Barbecue in America

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[Photos: Eater]

In Bon Appetit's July barbecue issue, restaurant editor Andrew Knowlton declares Franklin Barbecue to be the best barbecue in America. Not Texas. America.

Not only does Knowlton call Aaron Franklin's famous brisket "stunning," he also says it converted him to Texas-style barbecue in general: "Before visiting Franklin Barbecue a few months back, I never considered Texas brisket real BBQ."

Writes Knowlton, "Franklin has done in a couple of years what took others decades to achieve." The title of "Best BBQ Restaurant in America" does go against the standard belief that when it comes to smoked meats, the older and grizzlier the pit, the better the brisket. So it might be a little controversial?

Also, he includes the most thorough description of Franklin's process out there, for those of you itching to figure out his secret. (Which is likely still just "magic.")

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[Photo: Paula Forbes / EATX]

Franklin Barbecue

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