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Westlake Getting a Food Cart of Its Own: Dock and Roll

The future Dock and Roll Diner.
The future Dock and Roll Diner.
Photo: Dock and Roll / Facebook

Here comes another food trailer: this one is called Dock and Roll Diner, and it's profiled in The Daily Texan today. They're still about three weeks away from opening and remain somewhat tight-lipped about the menu, apart from the fact that they'll bake their own bread. (Photos on their Facebook page show what appears to be a lobster/seafood roll of sorts and as well as a Diablo sauce.) The 1957 Airstream will be located in Westlake, a somewhat unusual but, as the Texan notes, untapped food cart area.

· Mobility, Retro Vibe To Be Selling Points of New Food Trailer [Daily Texan]
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Dock and Roll Diner

3300 BEE CAVE RD STE 650 142, Austin, TX 78746