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Does Mike Sutter Prioritize Trailers Over Brick-and-Mortar?

Photo: dfwcre8tive / Flickr

Mike Sutter crunched the numbers on his food trailer coverage after the owner of the recently shuttered Nueva Onda criticized him for giving preference to the trailer scene. When Sutter called up Nora Dodson for comment on the closure, she told the Statesman critic: "Maybe if I put wheels on the front of my building, we would get some kind of coverage." The restaurant had not been reviewed by the paper since 2002.

According to Sutter's calculations, 12% of the restaurants he's visited since he started reviewing for the Statesman two years ago could be considered trailers and variations thereof, while he estimates 23% of the eating establishments in town fall into that category.

Since the word "visited" is rather vague (and doesn't necessarily constitute a review, or even coverage) we reached out to Sutter to ask for some clarification. His response: "I get around to writing about everywhere I go eventually, whether it's a full review, a one-dish write-up or as part of a round-up."

Sutter did, in fact, do a lengthy profile of Raymond Tatum's trailer Three Little Pigs recently as well as a round up of trailers, but his recent reviews have been almost entirely of brick-and-mortar establishments.

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