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Monument Cafe Expanding; A Look at Foodways Texas

GEORGETOWNMonument Cafe has opened the Monument Market next door to the restaurant, selling local produce and to go foods. Up next: a beer garden, and an interior Mexican restaurant coming early next year. [Statesman]

FOODWAYS TEXAS — The Austin Post profiles Foodways Texas, a group modeled after the Southern Foodways Alliance and affiliated with the University of Texas Community Engagement Center that aims to "build stronger food communities and broaden Texas' food identity." Director Marvin Bendele says the group doesn't "have a single political agenda" and their work will be available for the public to download. [AP]

Monument Cafe. [Photo: rutlo / Flickr]

Monument Cafe

500 South Austin Avenue, , TX 78626 (512) 930-9586 Visit Website

Monument Cafe

500 South Austin Avenue Georgetown, TX 78626