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Sutter Gives Three Stars to Bryce Gilmore's Barley Swine

At the Statesman, Mike Sutter reviews Bryce Gilmore's Barley Swine where he finds the menu needs editing: "A few dishes would benefit from less sensory input." He awarded the restaurant three stars but mentions there are some "tricks up Barley Swine's tattooed sleeve."

Sutter also stopped by the trailer that started Gilmore's career, Odd Duck Farm to Trailer, but is not as impressed as he was on his first visit in 2009: "The trailer is not a lower-priced introduction to Barley Swine. The Duck and the Swine are different breeds, and thinking about both at the same time fills me with tension and regret that feel like mourning."

Meanwhile, over at Texas Monthly, Megan Giller's epic trailer food quest continues at Arancini, which she dubs a major contender: "To Italian restaurants all across Texas: Better watch your ovens and open flames. Arancini has arrived." [TM]
Barley Swine. [Photo: Chuck H W]

Barley Swine [Closed]

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