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The Chronicle on Haddingtons, Bombay Bistro

Three reviews from the Chronicle this week: first up, Wes Marshall heads to Haddingtons (once with a group of 18 to try the whole piglet program!), where he finds the cocktails "wildly inventive" and the food "mostly very good," but the wine list "needs some help."

Next, Virginia Wood stops at nearly-hidden taqueria Tierra Linda and finds the from-scratch tortas, gorditas and flautas "simple, affordable, and satisfying."

Finally, Rachel Feit checks out the second location of Bombay Bistro and finds she can "get the same excellent Indian fare without having to trek all the way up to Great Hills." [Chronicle]

Haddingtons. [Photo: Haddingtons / Facebook]


601 W 6th Street, Austin, TX 78701 512 992 0204


601 West 6th Street Austin, Texas 78701