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Media Roundup: Guides to Austin's Best Veggie Burgers

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Veggie Burger at P. Terry's.
Veggie Burger at P. Terry's.
Photo: P. Terry's

veggie-burger-power-hour-150.jpg Hey! Vegans, vegetarians, pescatarians, ovo-lacto-whatsits! Getting sick of the beefy coverage here during Burger Week? We've got some burger love for you, too. Here, we present below a listicle of listicles, in which everyone around town tells you were to get your meatless patty fix.

· The Chronicle's Burger Bonanza [Chron]
· Chickster's Top Four Veggie Burgers [Chickster]
· Reviews From the Statesman That Mention Veggie Burgers [Statesman]
· Vegans Rock Austin Debate the Best Vegan Burgers [Vegans Rock Austin]
· Yelpers on Austin's Best Veggie Burgers [Yelp]
· The Fearless Critic's Best Vegetarian-Friendly Burger Restaurants [FC]
· Chowhound's (Veggie) Burger Smackdown [CH]

· All Burger Week Coverage on Eater Austin [-EATX-]