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The FINO Burger, by the Numbers

Photo: FINO

Behold, the Eater Burger from FINO. You're looking at a Strube Ranch Waygu beef burger with braised oxtail jam, piquillo pepper aioli, Manchego cheese, Bluebonnet Farms heirloom tomato, and local butter lettuce on a housemade sesame bun. Served with crispy potato croquettes and sherry pimenton ketchup. All for $15.

They're only serving this guy during dinner service between now and Saturday April 30, so get on it. (They're also serving their seasonal FINO burger alongside it, so make sure to ask for the Eater Burger.)

And now, FINO by the numbers:

How many burgers does FINO serve in a day? 12-15
A week? 65-75
A month? 250+
A year? 3000+

How long have you been serving a burger at your restaurant? Always had a burger at Lunch, added to the dinner menu in October 2010.

How many pounds of ground beef do you go through in a day? 5.5 lbs a day

How many ounces of beef go into each patty? Three ounces of beef, three ounces of lamb

How many types of burgers do you serve? One with a set that changes seasonally.

If you order a burger with "everything," how many things come with it besides a burger and a bun? Six items, three on the burger and three on the side

How many extras can people add to their burgers? Two — house smoked berkshire bacon and fried farm eggs.

What's the most expensive burger you can order at your restaurant, including all add-ons? The cheapest? 21 dollars, the cheapest 16 dollars.

What's the fat/lean percentage on the ground beef that you use? 30 fat to 70 beef

How many ingredients other than beef are in your burger patty? Seasonings, secret ingredients, etc. Four [secret] ingredients.

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FINO Restaurant Patio & Bar

2905 San Gabriel Street, Austin, TX 78705 (512) 474-2905 Visit Website


2905 San Gabriel Street #200 Austin, TX 78705