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Pierre Celis, Founder of Austin's Celis Brewery, Dies at 86

Master Belgian brewer Pierre Celis died this weekend at the age of 86. Celis is perhaps most famous for his work with Hoegaarden, but Austinites will remember him as the founder of Celis Brewery right here in central Texas. Celis Brewery closed in 2001, but the same recipes are still being brewed by Michigan Brewing Company.

The Alamo Drafthouse's "Top Beer Nerd" Jim Hughes writes of Celis, "It’s no exaggeration to say, with all due deference, that if he had not come to Austin and opened his brewery it's unlikely that we'd be in the happy position we are today of having so many fantastic breweries right on our doorstep." The Chronicle's beer writer Lee Nichols agrees: "His passing makes me appreciate all the more the really talented brewers we have working in Austin now." Austin beer lovers, raise a glass.

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Pierre Celis at 512 Brewery. [Photo: Alamo Drafthouse]