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Win Tickets to Get Sauced Pool Party and BBQ Challenge

We told you there would be some surprises this week: Here’s your chance to win an opportunity to Get Sauced with Eater Austin at SXSW, at an exclusive pool party and BBQ challenge hosted by Conduit, a community of online publishers and platform for creating custom mobile and web apps. The party is on March 13 from 3:00 to 7:00 at the Ashton Austin at Second and Colorado.

Alas, it's invite only, but lucky for you we've got two tickets up for grabs. And we're going to make you work for it: email us your best ideas for what the letters SXSW should really stand for by tomorrow (March 9) at 5:00 PM. (If you're not coming to town but still want to play, feel free to leave ideas in the comments.) Our favorite answer wins the tickets. Get on it!