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Hops and Grain Wants You to Design Their Bar Stools

Furniture designers and craft beer fanatics with glue guns listen up: Hops and Grain is holding the unfortunately named Stool Sample Project to outfit their upcoming East Austin tap room. And there's something in it for you! The designers of the 40 stool chosen will become members of the Stool Sample Project, and as such will periodically be invited to exclusive tastings where you will "be expected to sit upon your own creation, and brag about it all night." (You also get a t-shirt.)

All you have to do is email them by April 1 and finish your stool by April 30. They've got the official measurement guidelines on their website.

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The as-yet under construction Hops and Grain brewery. [Photo: Hops and Grain]

Hops and Grain

507 Calles St Austin, TX 78702