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Cheese at the Draught House; The Taco Bell Shootout

ROSEDALE — The Draught House has teamed up with Antonelli's Cheese Shop for beer and cheese Mondays. Just buy the paired beer of the week, and you'll get a free sample of cheese. Today's beer is Victory Brewing Company's Headwaters Pale Ale, and they've paired it with Chaubier. [I Love Beer]

SAN ANTONIO — A guy in San Antonio was really upset that a $.99 burrito promotion at Taco Bell was over...and so he ended up getting into a three-hour shootout with the SWAT team about it. [-EN-]

Draught House. [Photo: Draught House / Flickr]

The Draught House Pub

4112 Medical Pkwy # 100 Austin, TX 78756