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Houston Food Writer Really Hated Freddie's

Katharine Shilcutt over at the Houston Press knows where you shouldn't eat "while you're slumming in Austin at SXSW": Freddie's on South First. After seemingly eating there only once? Not because the food is bad, or anything, but because:

"It's just a very poor example of the food that Austin has to offer. Go to Foreign & Domestic, go to Uchi, go to Olivia if you're really in the mood for experiencing Austin's depth and wide variety of great upscale dining. Go to any of the places I previously mentioned [Torchy's, Polvo's, Moonshine, Mr. Natural, Mozart's] for more low-key dining. Freddie's is a poor representative of Austin's rich food scene, despite a menu that cloyingly claims to be 'more Austin than any other place' or some such nonsense."

She also calls their Frito Pie "the worst I've ever had." One thing is for certain: if anyone heads to Freddie's — home of the weekend bloody mary buffet and everything fried — in search of "great upscale dining," they will be sorely disappointed.

· SXSW Eats: Freddie's on 1st [HP]
The patio of Freddie's. [Photo: Freddie's Place]

Freddie's Place

1703 South 1st Street Austin, TX 78704

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