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SXSW Restaurant Guide Media Roundup

Like it or not, all eyes are on Austin right now, and everyone seems to have an opinion on where you should eat around town. (Including us.) Below, find out what the whole world thinks are good Austin restaurants, from local media to bloggers to a bunch of New Yorkers. We're pretty sure someone, somewhere has recommended pretty much every restaurant in Austin at this point.

Local Media
· The Statesman / Mike Sutter: A SXSW Guide to Austin's Many New Restaurants
· The Statesman / Mike Sutter: 35 Places For Breakfast Tacos
· The Statesman / Michael Barnes: SXSW: Know Where to Go For People-Watching
· The Chronicle / Mick Vann: SXSW: Austin Dining From Yawn Till Dawn
· The Chronicle / Claudia Alarcon & Kate Thornberry: Food and a Movie: Downtown
· The Chronicle / Kate Thornberry & Virgina Wood: Food and a Movie: South
· The Chronicle / Claudia Alarcon & Virginia Wood: Food and a Movie: Satellites
· Zagat / Claudia Alarcon: Where to Eat in Austin: SXSW 2011

· Village Voice / Robert Sietsema: 10 Restaurants for New Yorkers Heading to SXSW
· Jaunted: SXSW Without a Badge: Enjoying Austin's Food and Freebies
· The Dallas Observer / James A Keith: Hotspots to Fill Up at on a SXSW Day Trip
· MintLife / Gudrun Enger: Going to SXSW? Last-Minute Austin Travel Tips
· Destination Infatuation: Destination Infatuation: Austin

· Man Up Texas BBQ: SXSW 2011 BBQ Guide
· Lone Star Plate: SXSW Is for Vegans
· TacoJournalism: SXSW 2011 Taco Guide
· Lazy Smurf's Guide to Life: Vegan Events at SXSW
· Tasty Touring: A Long Weekend in Austin
· Rebeccammendations: Austin Nextablishments

South Congress trailers. [Photo: jslander / flickr]

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