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Mike Sutter On Anonymity: I Wish I Could Be Invisible

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So, how does Statesman restaurant critic Mike Sutter feel about the whole anonymity thing? Talking to Weight Watchers (oddly enough), he said, "I wish I could be invisible." So anonymity is important for critics!

Or is it? Sutter also said being recognized won't spoil a review: "There's only so much a restaurant can do to make food dance on short notice...If I walk into a place, it's not like they can suddenly have better produce. Maybe they chose the bigger scallops, but they've still got to apply the skill to make them taste good." The article also mentions the not-terribly-revealing details that Sutter's 6 feet tall, 195 pounds, and walks to restaurants often, but, you know, go ahead and add that to your dossiers, restaurateurs.

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