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Pat Sharpe on David Bull's Congress; 6.2 for Backspace

Pat Sharpe gets the first word on David Bull's Congress for Texas Monthly, and she loved it: "As I left the dining room, slightly giddy, it hit me—Austin has a new special-occasion restaurant." The unset, empty tables did "look positively naked," though. [TM]

Meanwhile, Statesman critic Mike Sutter found the pizza at Shawn Cirkiel's Backspace a bit inconsistent: "I caught the Backspace on two nights when the oven let us down, mollified not a bit by the fact that another co-worker and I made Neapolitan food memories of our own with two of the best pizzas I've ever eaten." He gives Backspace a 6.2 out of 10. [Statesman]

Congress. [Photo: Paula Forbes / EATX]


200 Congress Ave Austin, TX 78701

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