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Boxer's Revenge Debuts; A Valentine from Asti and Fino

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BEERWIREJester King Brewery will premiere their Boxer’s Revenge Farmhouse Provision Ale at Zax Restaurant & Bar tonight at 6:00 PM. The beer "is aged in French oak barrels with wild yeast, heavily dry hopped and about 9% ABV." [Jester King]

HYDE PARK / WEST CAMPUS — Because they "forgot to send you a Valentine," Asti and Fino are offering $15 off your check til the 20th. You have to print out the coupon, though. [Asti/Fino via @512foodie]

EAST SIDE — So with the new chef at Red House comes bad news: no more half price pizza happy hours. But they've got a whole mess of other new deals and they've made the pizzas cheaper in general, so it's not all bad. [Statesman]

FINO Restaurant Patio & Bar

2905 San Gabriel Street, Austin, TX 78705 (512) 474-2905 Visit Website

Zax Restaurant & Bar

312 Barton Springs Road Austin, TX 78704