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Indy Crawl 2011; Whole Foods Rates Animal Welfare

FAR SOUTH — Calling Austin Amber fans: bring your empty Austin Amber cardboard six-pack holders into Independence Brewing and they'll let you try "a special new brew." Also! Their 2011 Indy Crawl is on February 26 starting at 3:00 at Opal Divine's and will work its way downtown. [Independence / Facebook]

WHOLE FOODS WIRE — Co-CEO Walter Robb of Austin-based Whole Foods talked to Edible Radio about the grocery chain's new "animal welfare rating system." [Edible Radio]

[Photo: Glamour Schatz / Flickr]

Whole Foods Market [Austin]

525 North Lamar Boulevard, , TX 78703 (512) 476-1206 Visit Website

Independence Brewing Company

3913 Todd Lane Austin, TX 78744

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