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Two Stars for La Sombra; Three Trailer Reviews

In this week's Statesman review, Mike Sutter has a crisis in his relationship with La Sombra (we guess because it's almost Valentine's Day?):

First of all, I really like you as a restaurant, and I'd like to think we have a future. But for this relationship to have a prayer for the long-term, we need more spice. We need something fresher. We need to decide whether we're just chasing the lounge life or planning to have family dinners together. We can't spark along forever on the Yankee-Latina frisson of our first date.

He then goes on to give the Latin American restaurant two stars.

The Fearless Critic hits up Sarah’s Mediterranean Grill & Market for some shawarma and baklava, but was mostly impressed with the owner: "When you’re done, make sure to tell the owner how much you liked it; she might even throw in a free baklava for you...They’re sweet, yes, but she’s even sweeter." [FC]

The Fearless Critic also samples the wares at East Side King's new location: "The only dud here is a tongue-in-cheek ramen, in which a bowl of Shin Ramyun is prepared and added to boiled egg, pork belly, and a homemade broth that’s overwhelmed by the seasoning packet. It’s a move that’s beneath this mobile kitchen’s talents. And those are epic." [FC]

Megan Diller with Texas Monthly bravely continues her survey of Austin's food trucks with Bits & Druthers: "Watch out, Dog and Duck, because the batter at Bits is thick and crispy, and grease is a thing of the past." [TM]

La Sombra. [Photo: La Sombra / Facebook]

East Side King

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