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Watch Paul Qui Talk Knives and Polish His Metal

One of the latest videos from Top Chef: Texas focuses on chef Paul Qui and his knives. Chefs love them, almost obsessively. They are shiny. They are metal. They are sharp, and they are a necessary tool. They are their Manolo Blahniks.

Qui runs his knives over a polishing stone for at least 10-15 minutes a day, avoiding the rougher treatment a sharpening stone. Fellow cheftestapant Chris Jones says "Paul's knives are so sharp the fish are afraid of it. He actually doesn't cut the fish, he just shows them the knife."

You can't buy Qui's knives from Cutco or Target, but apparently you can buy them from a traveling salesman. One of his knives was purchased from an old Japanese man who showed up at the door with 20-30 knives in tow. Now the list of people ringing your bell no longer just includes Girl Scouts selling their crack and those "achieving" youth hocking magazine subscriptions.

Video: Paul Qui Talks Knives

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