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Tell Google Of Your Alcoholism, Win A Prize

Do not resist your Google overlords, for they already know everything about you, including how much you like craft beer. Embrace the future by signing over your information for this Google Places/Beertown Austin/Austin Beer Bus promotion, wherein you sign up for Google Places, thereby allowing Google to track your every move, and review as many bars as you can for a chance to ride a bus with a bunch of other drunk folks beer enthusiasts, visiting many and various craft breweries in and around Austin.

There are twenty seats available on the Austin Brew Bus, and they'll go to twenty people who write the best reviews of Austin booze joints between now and December 13th, with the craft brewery bus tour on December 17th. It's like Yelp, but with prizes besides a thumbs up from that random who gave Pei Wei five stars.

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The Jester King Brewery barn o'fun. [Photo: Jester King/Facebook]