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Yes, There Is $22 Pho At The New Elizabeth Street Cafe

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The Elizabeth Street Cafe's only been open a week and already the gentle Eaters of Austin are ready to brand it an overpriced hack job, if the comments on this post are any indication. Judge not, friends, lest ye ... oh, no, go ahead, it's going to happen anyway, it may as well happen under our roof where we can keep an eye on you. Especially now that we've got our hands on the Elizabeth Street Cafe's menus, which are as-yet unposted on its scant website.

Highlights: that $22 pho we've heard so much about (with crab and red snapper) plus breakfast banh mi, and bun aplenty. Beverage-wise, they look to serve a respectable sake selection, draft beers, wine punch and a wide variety of teas, some authentic Vietnamese.

Elizabeth St. Cafe Lunch/Dinner

Elizabeth St. Cafe Breakfast

Elizabeth St. Cafe Drinks/Dessert

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[Photo: Victor W./Yelp]

Elizabeth Street Café

1501 S 1st Street, Austin, TX 78704 512 291 2881

Elizabeth Street Cafe

1501 South First Street, Austin, TX 78704