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Dirty Sixth Bar Owners Looking For Something Classier

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The Statesman's "Out and About" column stays inside with the owners of some Dirty/West Sixth bars, talking to the Carmack Group. The four-dude partnership, which includes a former Bachelor contestant, owns the Dizzy Rooster, Chuggin' Monkey, Dogwood and Molotov. Michael Barnes chats with Chad, Brad and Wes Womack and their partner Jason Carrier--an "undeniably handsome bunch"--about what it's like to own bars both classy and fratty.

"We've never seen East Sixth like it is now," Wes Womack. "It's all out-of-towners."

"A lot of people refer to it as Dirty Sixth," Chad Womack says. "That makes us grit our teeth."

They're looking to open another concept now that West Sixth's Dogwood is "clogged with the dating crowd," and they're thinking: something, you know, sophisticated. Says Wes Womack of the Austin nightlife scene: "At one point, you could get away with just opening a bar," but "now you have to provide an experience."

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Wait, this is not what classy looks like? [Photo: Clarissa R./Yelp]

Chuggin' Monkey

219 East 6th Street Austin, TX 78701