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Vegan Ice Creamery To Share Space With Daily Juice

They've purchased "nearly a literal ton of coconut milk" (oh, and installed plumbing, boring!) and thus the Sweet Ritual vegan ice cream parlor is just about ready to open in the new digs they're sharing with the Daily Juice up in Hyde Park. Via LoneStarPlate, we found their veggie-friendly announcement on Facebook, posted earlier this week:

guys, this is really hapenning. The plumbing is done, the walls are painted, we've found manuals for all of our equipment, we've bought nearly a literal ton of coconut milk... we're gonna have an ice cream store.
We e-mailed them to ask if they had an official opening date set yet, and they're in the midst of test runs now, but "hope to be open within the next week or two, with a grand opening celebration in mid-December." We'll be sure to let you know when they're scooping vegan goodness.

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[Photo: Daily Juice/Facebook]

Sweet Ritual / Daily Juice

4500 Duval Street, Austin, TX