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Antonelli's Expands To "Cheese House" Near Cheese Shop

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The folks at Antonelli's Cheese Shop have been getting busy lately, and not just because they're expecting their first kiddo in May. Today they announced via e-mail plans for a Cheese House, located across the street from their Cheese Shop, that will open in January. The Shop will stay dedicated to retail, but the House will help them "expand [their] wholesale operation." Read: more amazing cheeses in Austin restaurants.

"Indeed, we've gained so many amazing restaurant, chef, and catering customers around town, that we can barely fit their cheese in our shop!" writes co-owner Kendall. The House will feature a "refrigerated room, dedicated solely to storing our cheese and charcuterie." To which she adds: "Woohoo!"

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[Photo: Dan B./Yelp]

Antonelli's Cheese Shop

4220 Duval Street Austin, TX 78751