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Another Austin Restaurant Critic Eats Hamburgers

Every once in a long while, Statesman restaurant critic Matthew Odam manages to mosey his way to a restaurant and review it--back in November, he ate at a disappointing Papi Tino's. Over the last couple of weeks, steeling himself for his next review, Matthew Odam said to himself, "What is the Austin restaurant review scene missing right now?" and Matthew Odam answered to himself: reviews of hamburgers.

"By golly!" Matthew Odam said to himself, "What Austin, Texas needs is a Statesman-pedigreed restaurant critic to really dig into a hamburger! There's nothing like this out there right now!"

And so he ate at Stack Burger Bar, where he liked the appetizer options and most of the hamburgers, with the exception of the Southtown, which was not at all spicy as promised, and the tuna burger, which "resembled ground turkey." As he walked away from the restaurant, he said to himself, he said, "Matthew Odam, this is what it feels like to be a pioneer. Nay, a visionary. Drink it up, Visionary Matthew Odam. Drink. It. Up."

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[Photo: Stack Burger Bar/Facebook]

Stack Burger Bar

208 West 4th Street Austin, TX