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The Noble Pig Is Expanding, Adding Retail Space

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John Bates & Brandon Martinez of The Noble Pig
John Bates & Brandon Martinez of The Noble Pig
Photo: Marshall Wright for Noble Pig

Owners John Bates and Brandon Martinez have begun expanding The Noble Pig empire with the planned late November opening of a retail deli and charcuterie counter in space next door to their current location.

The sandwich shop up near Lakeline Mall has quickly become a cult favorite, with diners driving miles for lunch or lazy weekend days to have such a quality take on standard fare. Eventually the line started pushing out the door, and the shop would close early as they ran out of fresh, house-made bread for the day.

Bates tell Eater Austin that when the salon next door to them closed, he and Martinez saw an opportunity. They desperately needed space and storage for their thriving sandwich business, so they jumped on the spot and signed the paperwork. Before their main focus was to keep up with the volume, but now they will have more time and the ability to look at longer term plans.

"We will sell bacon, sausages, smoked pork belly, beef pastrami, and additional types of bread among other things," Bates says. "Eventually we would like to be able to do wholesale, selling to other restaurants and shops." Proper retail packaging is a goal of his, and to sell things like pickles and condiments now eventually leading into charcuterie and pate to be available for wholesale later. Currently Texas law says that a food inspector must be present when meat is being prepared for sale outside of retail purposes.

Bates and Martinez won't be breaking down the wall between The Noble Pig and the new space quite yet. There will be additional seating added and the outdoor tables will now stretch further down, bringing the total to 45 seats versus their current 26.

"We're having a good time. It's a lot of work but it's rewarding," Bates says on the expansion.

The Noble Pig will continue cooking their four course dinners on the first Saturday of the month, something Bates truly enjoys, having been a chef at places like Asti Trattoria and Wink. They are currently taking reservations for their December dinner.

The new retail location will have different hours, opening and staying open later than the restaurant. Expect to see the doors open in the later half of the month.

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