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White Horse Rides (Softly, With Tacos) On Comal Street

At 10 o'clock this morning, Hole In The Wall manager Denis O'Donnell and a dedicated crew of painters, cleaners, friends 'n fambly (those of y'all who know O'Donnell will forgive the familiarity) pulled up to 500 Comal Street to begin its transformation from a bombed-out Club La Trampa (right behind Cisco's) to the White Horse, a bar and music venue that'll serve beer, tacos, blues, country, rock and everything between. Their soft opening is scheduled for December 3rd. That's right, Saturday. Officially, O'Donnell says they'll open December 9th with a big music-and-media hooplah. But now, it's all work all the time. (Plus some beer, pictured.)

"We just got in here this morning, and we've been working all day," O'Donnell told Eater Austin this afternoon in the midst of directing folks with paintbrushes and ladders looking for their next task. Partnering with another Hole veteran and a couple of "angel investors," O'Donnell told us he'll have the standard Austin beer and tunes, plus food from the Bomb Tacos truck. "We want to get people here to see music as well as the walking traffic. Something for everybody."

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Oh, Denis! You jokester. [Photo: Andrea Grimes/EATX]

Hole In The Wall

37 West 24th Street, Manhattan, NY 10010 (646) 726-4277 Visit Website

White Horse

500 Comal Street, Austin, TX

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