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Stuff Your Face And Eat Free At Stack Burger Bar

Can you eat more than four double patty burgers with all the fixings, in one seating, at the Stack Burger Bar? Free meal for you, then. The amount of hate that your intestines would bear toward you after scoring this free meal eliminates (ha!) it from the running (haha!) for a dealfeed post due to the likelihood of needing medical attention afterward, but we figured there might be some masochists out there whose bank accounts are a little thin 'roundabouts rent time and are willing to take the risk. Via Stack Burger Bar on Facebook:

We so hate to start a challenge this early in our creation but...Joshua Chan started this. We paid due to Joshua's appetite. He ate 56 ounces of burger in one seating. That would be 4 double patty burgers with all fixing's in one seating. HELLO...3.5 pounds of beef with bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomato and all. Beat this guy and we pay for your meal. Just sayin...
Good luck and ... godspeed? Or something?

· Stack Burger Bar [Facebook]

[Photo: Stack Burger Bar/Facebook]

Stack Burger Bar

208 West 4th Street Austin, TX

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