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Pappy's Owner Living On Roof To Draw Customers

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The owner of Pappy's Bar and Grill over on Burnet Road is living on the roof of his place, blasting his electric guitar in hopes of drawing customers either via sound or publicity, reports a Colorado NBC affiliate in a piece titled, "Restaurant owner drums up customers - literally." Except Allen is playing his guitar, so literally someone at 9News needs to go to an English class, snark snark snark. Anyway, from the report:

Allen, 50, is living on the roof of his struggling north Austin restaurant. He is playing his electric guitar to try to drum up business. "The money for advertising is just no there," Allen said. "So, I thought I would just get loud and crazy. It is a desperate measure."

Allen plans to put on his publicity stunt until 2012. "Someone brought me a mat to sleep on, but it is just rocks, gravel and dirt and pigeon poop everywhere," Allen said.

The restaurant opened September 1st, in this original KXAN piece, Allen says he'll close by the end of December if things don't improve. Other local business owners told KXAN that expanded HEB construction and a new WalMart have hurt their sales.

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[Photo: William M./Yelp]

Pappy's Bar And Grill

5800 Burnet Rd Austin, TX 78756