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People Of Brooklyn Stumped By Breakfast Tacos

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In cosmopolitan New York City, it's hard to imagine anything that could stump the millions of free-wheeling, free-thinking folks who call the Greatest City On Earth home. But home to celebrities, center of political movements, rich with history, New York City--specifically, increasingly gentrified Prospect Heights, Brooklyn--continues to be unable to wrap its I've-seen-it-all brain around the breakfast taco. This from a piece on Brooklyn's new Gueros taco restaurant--no, not from the proprietors of our Guero's, just with a similar name and run by Texan Clay Mallow, who grew up in in Dallas and lived in Austin--in the Prospect Heights Patch:

The breakfast taco hasn’t really caught on yet in New York.

“I don’t know why! Living in Austin for five years, it was your go-to breakfast, especially if you wanted that kind of greasy hangover food. You couldn’t go wrong: spend six bucks on two tacos with eggs and bacon and potatoes and cheese, fresh salsa on top, flour tortillas. It’s kind of a no-brainer. It’s just so simple, I couldn’t really open a taco place without doing it,” said Clay.

Mallow told the newspaper that his tacos are "influenced by a lot of taco places in Austin."

· Wake Up With Breakfast Tacos At Gueros [ProspectHeightsPatch]

[Photo: Guero's/Facebook]


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