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Rainey Street Rundown

el-naranjo-yelp150.jpgTake a walk down burgeoning Rainey Street with RL "Chowpapi" Reeves, Jr., who scopes out several of the bars-in-progress in the downtown neighborhood. Don't be fooled by the headline--"Bridget Dunlap, The Tigress Of Rainey Street Set To Face Off Against Slew Of Entrepreneurs"--there's no epic bar battle here, just photos of works in progress, about which Reeves opines over their various states of (dis)repair. He's pumped about El Naranjo but doesn't think much of this Rainey Street Bar place: "At least if anyone ever tries to find any information on this establishment they’ll have right at 700,000 options on google search." [Chowpapi]

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