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What Chefs and Restaurants Do You Follow on Twitter?

What members of the Austin culinary and bar scene do you love following on Twitter? Do they share behind-the-scenes stories, post photos, and keep you updated on daily specials? Do they post when they brush their teeth, or do they post when they get that whole local pig in the kitchen to butcher and serve that night?

Twitter has become quite the important communication medium for chefs and restaurants. Not only do they keep you updated on events or menu updates, they often take on a personality of their own.

Share your favorites with Eater Austin and why you like them. Are there any Twitter stories that stand out for you, such as tweeting to Barley Swine that you're coming in for dinner, and they ended up flying you to Spain for dinner at El Bulli for free. No, it's not a contest, but show your love (in 140 characters, of course). Leave a note in the comments section or send a message to @EaterAustin.

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Ned Elliott of Foreign & Domestic [Photo: Aimee Wenske / Foreign & Domestic]

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