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Sutter Eats Another Hamburger; Lavaca Teppan A "Feast"

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Here's where the critics ate this week:

AUSTIN CHRONICLE -- Melanie Haupt visits Lavaca Teppan downtown, which is "just as much a feast for the eyes as for the appetite." The restauranteurs' attention to detail--it's owned by Toshiyuki and Yoko Niizeki and their son, Taichi, a Le Cordon Bleu graduate--is "deeply impressive." A lunch visit saw "perfectly cooked" rice, an edamame faux pas (no bowl for husks!), and beautifully seared filet mignon. Back for dinner, Haupt found a nearly empty restaurant but a meal "markedly improved" from her lunch. Her major complaint? Only one boring-ass flavor (we paraphrase) of frozen yogurt for dessert.

FEDMANWALKING.COM -- Because there is literally no better use of a talented food critic's time than writing long-winded reviews of the same dish over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again, Mike Sutter has extended his conspicuously Statesman-esque "50 Burgers in 50 Days" project with Novemburger, which will soon become Decemburger, and duder will probably end up opining about every single fucking hamburger in town, so settle in, y'all. Yesterday he ate at EZ's.

[Photo: Lavaca Teppan/Facebook]

Lavaca Teppan

1712 Lavaca Street Austin, TX 78701

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