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Talking Trailers With The North Austin Trailer Yard

Yesterday, Eater Austin got North Austin Trailer Yard founders Rob Higgs and Chuck Watkins on the horn to talk about their new food truck project, going in up at the intersection of Anderson Lane and Lamar. You know, right on that concrete wasteland by Planet Fitness, so you can stock up on Snarky's Moo Bawk Oink sandwiches after you've sweated it out in the judgment-free zone.

"We're high school buddies," Higgs told us, who "decided we wanted to do a mobile food business." So they secured their Snarky's school bus and started looking around for some spots--but there was "nothing going on up north." Higgs says, "Not only did we want to do the bus, but we wanted to get the whole trailer yard concept up north, so the North Austinites and South Austinites who work up there could be able to partake."

The yard, which will have portable toilets, covered seating and free wi-fi, will "primarily be doing lunch" at the old restaurant pad, where they'll install "our own little concrete zoo," says Watkins. The entrance to the yard is an old Chinese buffet with statuettes, so they're thinking "possibly a seven-foot chicken, maybe a T-Rex."

They'll be "soft-opening" for the next couple of months before a grand opening in January, with Snarky's parked "intermittently" out at the lot to "get people used to the idea of seeing trucks up here" while they set up the yard. Higgs and Watkins are looking for five more trucks to "create a real balanced mix," says Higgs. "We'll be a little bit selective on who we let in, so it becomes a destination for people coming from the same office. Everybody has a choice."

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· Snarky's Moo Bawk Oink [Twitter]

Bawk! [Photo: Snarky's/Official]

North Austin Trailer Yard

1012 W. Anderson Lane, Austin, TX 78757

North Austin Trailer Yard

1012 West Anderson Lane, Austin, TX 78757