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Wheatsville Talks Second Location and Gordon Ramsay

At the owner's meeting this past weekend, Wheatsville Food Co-op general manager Dan Gillotte confirmed plans that the 35 year old community grocery store is actively looking at a second location to open in Fall of 2012. Eater Austin hears they are aiming to stay in the core area of Austin, bordered by 183 at the north and 290/71 at the south.

The new location will be bigger, hopefully around 10-12k square-feet versus their current 8,400 square-feet of retail space at the Guadalupe location. Wheatsville plans to build on what they already do well - great produce and prepared foods, but admits that the new location will have a slightly more "suburban selection."

Eater also hears that chef Gordon Ramsay visited and filmed during his Kitchen Nightmares taping at El Greco. The crew of Kitchen Nightmares often visited Wheatsville during the multi-day filming across the street, enjoying iced coffee and drinks for those hot days.

Chef Ramsay and the crew used the grocery store as a public space to interview (pre-screened) people about their opinions of El Greco. He was there for about twenty minutes, and most all of the shoppers and staff were quite excited to have a chance to see him.

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Wheatsville Co-op [Photo: woodsatnight/Flickr]

Wheatsville Food Co-op

3101 Guadalupe Street, Austin, TX

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