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Watch a Guy Chug a Dogfish Head 120 IPA in 10 Seconds

In honor of Austin Beer Week and your impending Friday happy hours, here's a video of a guy chugging one of the best beers in America, a Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA, in about 10 seconds. It makes a great video, but it's a shame to watch for any beer knurds out there.

Supposedly that bottle equates to the alcohol content of about 4+ Bud Lights. Maybe this will be a new tradition at UT tailgates? Why shotgun a Lonestar, do a keg stand, or shoot vodka off an ice block when this will get you drunk faster and with more class.

His comment afterward: "I'm really fucking drunk, man."

Video: Dogfish Head 120 Chugged; "It tasted like plastic at the end"

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