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Copper Wiring Stolen from Hops and Grain Brewery

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Last week a desperate copper thief broke into the Hops and Grain brewery in east Austin, stealing over 2,000 feet of copper electrical wiring, which killed power to the building and to the temperature controls for the brew tanks. So, a regular feature on Eater sites across the nation features shit people steal at restaurants and bars - from vegetables, to soap, to silverware. This may be a first.

The economy may be down and people may be desperate, but stealing copper from a brewery? Was the thief upset Hops and Grain won't be selling 40's?

Hops and Grain has taken a positive approach though, turning copper-thieving lemons into a party-aid. On Sunday, October 30th they are welcoming drinkers to their brewery from 12-4pm. For $10 you'll get a pint glass, a kick-ass personal tour, and samples of their first brew. Just don't steal any shit if you go.

Do you work at an Austin restaurant or bar and have had shit stolen from you? Send us your story!

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Copper Wiring [Photo: Shandchem/Flickr]

Hops and Grain

507 Calles St #101 Austin, TX 78702