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Watch Tyson Cole Talk Uchi + Uchiko and See Him Cook

Ashleigh Bravo Interviews Tyson Cole
Ashleigh Bravo Interviews Tyson Cole
Photo: YouTube via Great Taste Austin

In a video by Ashleigh Bravo of Great Taste Austin, Tyson Cole shares his philosophy on his openings of Uchi and Uchiko in Austin, and how a massively growing collection of recipes led him to publish the Uchi Cookbook.

Chef Cole's purpose of Uchi and Uchiko has been:

Be creative, make great sushi, define the experience for the guest... but the tipping point was the concept of making it an Austin restaurant. Accessible and casual... dishes that are easier for the American palate to dive in to.

At both Uchi and Uchiko, the chefs create 8-10 seasonal specials every day, lending to a large collection of recipes over the years. Cole says these growing tomes was a convincing factor in publishing the Uchi Cookbook.

The video ends with chef Tyson Cole demonstrating a dish of Wagyu beef, Texas peach, kimchi, thai chili, and mint.

Video: Tyson Cole Talks Uchi + Uchiko Philosophy, The Uchi Cookbook, and Cooks a Dish

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