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Sanity Guide for Gypsy Picnic; Search for Schweddy Balls

MEALS ON WHEELS — Gypsy Picnic Trailer Food Fest is this weekend, and co-organizer and trailer food queen Tiffany Harelik has a guide for successful indulging. Top tips: don't drive there, have you and your friends split up and order bites from several trailers for each other, and try trailers you normally wouldn't get a chance to. Any predictions it it will be a (expletive) like it was last year? A guide to who's there, and an update. [CultureMap]

BEER WEEK — Austin Beer Week begins tomorrow, and there are some very well organized events going on around town, beginning with the 43rd Anniversary Party at Draught House Pub. Go to everything that you can. It will be worth it, and you're supporting local brews. Cheers! [-EW-]

BBQ Snobs — Alton Brown got some pretty strong hate for his choice of barbecue during his trip to Houston. His response: "#getalife." [CultureMap Houston, EHTX]

ICE CREAM SEARCH — Schweddy Balls, a special edition flavor by Ben and Jerry's, has been given the cold shoulder by a few grocery stores for its controversial name, but several Austinites have taken on a project to find it in grocery stores around the city. Anyone have a photo checkers when they can it for you? [Statesman]

ROLLINGWOOD — Suzi's Chinese Kitchen is returning to the Rollingwood area, moving into the former Bistro 88 location, after having moved out of the Mira Vista Shopping Center nearby. [Community Impact]

Gypsy Picnic Trailer Food Festival. [Photo: Sean Loyless/Flickr]

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