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Rick Perry Bets Salt Lick BBQ, Dr Pepper on World Series

Photos: I'llNeverGrowUp/Flickr, AP File

With national sport championships come the usual wagers. Food representing the state or city is always a mainstay of bets, and this year is no different. Gov. Rick Perry has bet Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon barbecue from The Salt Lick and Dr Pepper against Nixon's six-pack of Bud and a selection of his favorites (St. Louis toasted ravioli, gourmet prosciutto salami and other meats, and frozen custard).

Other wagers, though, are a bit odd. The directors of the Ft. Worth and Dallas Zoos bet their St. Louis counterpart to shovel 1000lbs of animal dung wearing the opposing team's jersey. The presidents of Six Flags in St. Louis and Six Flags Over Texas have wagered renaming their signature roller coasters The American Ranger and The Giant Cardinal, respectively.

Being the governor of a state can't be too bad - in the worst case you have to take a "slap" and eat some great food from the winner. If they wagered eating what the zoos had to shovel, that would be a different story. Gov. Perry could send a message though if he sent a Supa Dupa Fly Ho with Cheese from a favored burger joint in Waco.

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