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Keeping Up with All Eater Austin News Is Easy

The busy fall restaurant season is just beginning, and Eater Austin will keep you updated with openings, sneak peeks, and reports on plywood progress. You shouldn't miss out on all this news, and there are a few ways to be kept in the loop.

Ever visit Facebook and realize that there's not nearly enough Eater going on? Click on over to the Eater Austin Facebook page or the "Follow Us" section on the right, and then like magic, Eater's top stories will start showing up in your Facebook feed. It's like friends with benefits! But we understand if you want to take it slow at first, so how about we just follow each other on Twitter first?

Want to get Eater Austin's top stories delivered to your inbox in one neat little package every Wednesday and Friday? There happens to be a sign-up box for our newsletter below! Just enter your email address. How convenient!

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