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Behind the Scenes at Hops & Grain, Things are Brewing!

Last week Hops and Grain officially started making beer in their east Austin brewhouse, and they've shared some videos - one of a tour before they got the brewing started and another of their first batch.

Hops and Grain runs two separate brewing operations. They have a smaller pilot 3 barrel unit and another 15 barrel operation for their large batches. The first recipe was their Pale Dog American Pale Ale. The second was Alt-eration, a German Altbier. Both batches have been dropped into the fermenters where they'll sit for over a week. Expect the first tastes to be available at the start of Austin Beer Week, which begins October 22nd.

Video: Hops and Grain, Making Beer on Day 1

[Video: YouTube Via USABeerTrends]

Video: A Behind-the-Scenes Tour of the Hops and Grain Brewery

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Hops and Grain Brewery [Photo: Hops and Grain Blog]

Hops and Grain

507 Calles St #101 Austin, TX 78702